What’s Wrong With Your Desktop?

What’s Wrong With Your Desktop ? Experienced users may know if there is a computer problem, but inexperienced users may not know which area the computer problem is. It is written for those who want to know if they need it. Check out RAM (Random Access Memory) is bad or not RAM is a device … Read more

About NFC

About NFC How to use NFC on Android devices Many smartphones are equipped with NFC, but many do not know how to use it. NFC is a technology that allows wireless communication between phones. Files with NFC Phone numbers; Sending and receiving locations; You can even refer a friend to the app on your phone … Read more

Gaming monitor in 2022

There are so many brands offering monitors, but only few brands offer genuine and high-quality monitors at reasonable prices. If you want to gethigh-quality monitors in the market, then there is no better way than going with Asus as it is the most reputed brand outhigh-quality monitors .As we all know high-quality monitors XG series … Read more

Everything you need to know about Graphic Resolution

Everything you need to know about Graphic Resolution Resolution is a dot that can be displayed on the screen. Or Pixel (Abbreviation for Picture Element) Is the number Higher resolutions increase the number of dots displayed per inch, making the image sharper. The monitor should be able to accept higher resolutions. Higher resolutions will increase … Read more

The secrets of Facebook that are catching people’s attention

The secrets of Facebook that are catching people’s attention Today, with the advent of technology, almost everyone is familiar with the Internet. Connecting to the Internet, especially with small devices such as smartphones, has become a turning point in technology. With the rise of the Internet, social media sites have become a worldwide success. Facebook … Read more

Legal arrests while using the Internet

Legal arrests while using the Internet The Internet is an unlimited field. We use the internet to share movies, Sharing photos; Activities such as sharing music and accessing the latest information in a short period of time can be done without anyone’s permission. However, some countries have restrictions on the use of the Internet. These … Read more

BIOS (Basic Input Output System)

BIOS (Basic Input Output System) This article or section needs sources or references that appear incredible, third-party publications. Let’s learn about this BIOS on the motherboard which is very important for starting the operating system. The BIOS is a collection of programs written in a low-level language (usually an assembly language), and the BIOS is … Read more