If you use solar for air conditioning

If you use solar for air conditioning

Nowadays, people who ask for solar panels often ask how many air conditioners can be used and how many can be used. In the solar system, the sun can be warmed in the afternoon, but the sun has set in the evening.

Sometimes it is limited by the amount of power stored in the battery. According to tests, a lithium battery 48V / 200 Ah can run for 14 hours on an air-conditioned inverter type 1 hp. This is a single air conditioner.

In the home, there are other common uses for lighting / tv / Wi-Fi / computer at night, which will reduce the time it takes to run an air conditioner. My house has a minimum of 700/800 watts for general use, including darkness and lighting. It’s about the same speed as an air conditioner.

If it gets cold, you can still drive it, but it does not mean that you are constantly drawing. Currently, the home use 700/800 W is drawing continuously. In the meanwhile, if you set up a kettle, a rice cooker, and a water pump when you use water, it will often be around 1500 watts. Therefore, even with a 48V / 200 Ah lithium battery, the air conditioner will not last long. Because I use a lot of load.

In the afternoon, there is no problem because the solar system is very powerful. If you want to use one 1hp / 1.5 hp air conditioner, you need to install at least 1600/2400 watts of solar. If you use two units, you need to install 3200/3600 watts. Therefore, you can install a decent battery for the main shop / office / office for lunch without having to rely on the battery. At night, use as much lighting as possible until the morning.

For homes that are primarily used at night, the air conditioner can only be turned on overnight or for 6 to 7 hours after a power outage. It will cost more. Solar installation costs
Because I’m expecting too much and not being satisfied.

I have a 5KW inverter, solar 3200 W, Lifepo4 battery 48v / 200 Ah and use it all day long. No epc required at all, and it’s nice to have the inverter do its job with the lights on and off. If the sun goes down after 4 or 5 pm, the solar output will be lower. So if you want to turn on the air conditioner in the evening / night, split the power line and change over. Set the day in the inverter. At night, move to epc and turn on the air conditioner with epc. The rest of the house is powered by an inverter. When the power goes out, the fan turns on. If you want to turn on the air conditioner, you have to reduce the load and turn it on. It uses about lighting / wifi.

So if you have a power outage all night and you think about sleeping with a battery and an air conditioner on, it can be difficult to keep up with the heat. If there is a fire or a breakdown, the epc will work and the battery will work. In the inverter, you can set the settings as needed. To back up the battery in case of power outage in the battery pack, set the epc switch when the battery voltage reaches, and then pass the EPC by the specified voltage. If the power goes out at that time, it will continue to power with the remaining power in the battery. When the power comes back on, the battery is cut off and returned with epc.

For those who use solar and air conditioning, you can use it during the day, but save money at night. In order to be complete, you need to add more batteries with more battery power. Today, a sister asked me to use air conditioning at night, so I explained. You could offer to sell your product, but you may not be able to do so, but you should be able to do so with a clear budget.

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