An airplane diary

An airplane diary

Today I have finished painting. A small car pulled out of the large garage with a steel pipe called a tow bar on my front wheel.

Before leaving, a tall foreigner whispered to me, nailing a beautiful steel plate to the entrance of my head.

This is your personal number and surname. I looked down and saw MSN-1XXX. It’s a sign of how many cars the factory has produced for me.

The next line says ATR 72-212A. I realized that this was my genealogy. They have already determined what I have to do. Transport Category.

Outside the warehouse, I saw a group of people waiting for me. They look oriental. As I stood by the green grass, they surrounded me.

Some of them looked closely at my exterior. Some are engines; Wheels They are carefully looking at the landing gear.

Some came up to me and checked everything I was wearing. A young man with thick glasses was busy with his computer in the middle of a pile of books.

He is known as the Tech Service Manager. Some even took pictures of me, so I was shocked. In the office, my adoptive parents, my birth father, and I were busy signing contracts.

In the evening, two smartly dressed Orientals and my installation engineer tested my machines. I have to do it too.

I started the engine and tested all the systems I had installed. Because of the colorful lights in my head. I have no wings left. As far as the degree of mobility is concerned.

Satisfied, I removed the barriers that were holding me back and headed for the runway. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

They also liked me for the two-hour air test. So the next day, I flew to a new area with my adoptive parents and his team.

Because I was driven by two smart Orientals in uniform. My long journey to the east ends in Sri Lanka. Then we arrived in a beautiful and green country called Myanmar.

The grand welcome was also amazing. Two fire trucks sprayed colorful water jugs from my left and right. There were beautiful young women holding garlands waiting for me at the stop.

Wreaths were paid to those who descended from me. I was also sprayed with perfume. It was fun. I will always remember this day.

The next day, a group called the Aviation Authority came to check on me. They like me too. He even gave me a nice name. XY-AMG.

XY represents Myanmar. AMG is my personal name. In other words, Mr. AMG from Burma. This beautiful name is written in beautiful colors on my tail and under my wings.

They said, “We let you fly here. I’m happy.” Adoptive parents are also very responsible. For me, the insurance company already has insurance. I have to fulfill my responsibilities.

The next day or two I went to work. I also fall asleep when I have to travel. How many trips have I taken? To the north by Manshwe; Myitkyina To the east, hehe; Kyaing Ton Tachileik South So Beit Dawei West of Kawthaung, Sittwe; Kyaukphyu Thandwe set.

The people I fell in love with were the engineers who took good care of me. They carefully refuel my engine after each trip.

Walk Around Check to see if anything is wrong with the car. Check the tires. Check hydraulic systems. They take care of me even if the night camp is taken over. If you have an item that needs to be replaced, replace it.

Even if I was left alone at night, was the shelter adequate? They check to see if there are any ties. They are very careful.

After serving my adoptive parents for two years, I had to leave for some reason. These are some of the most memorable moments of my life. I want to go back to them once. I also want to meet my loved ones. What about the other girl?

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