Are you being charged for not using the internet?

Are you being charged for not using the internet?

Awareness-raising campaigns will be launched to raise awareness of mobile internet users, as well as to raise awareness among mobile phone users about the need to reduce the amount of data that may or may not be deducted from their Internet usage at any given time.

The program will be co-sponsored by Myanmar’s telecom operators MPT, Ooredoo, Telenor and My Tel.

Unwanted data when using internet connection
To reduce from depletion
10 Ways

1. Disable auto-update.
Note that you need to turn off auto-update on your phone so that it does not use the data on your phone more than you set it to.

2. Update apps only over WiFi.
Many mobile users find it convenient to update their apps with mobile phone data, but doing so can automatically update the apps on the phone and consume large amounts of data inside the phone.

3. Limit background data
Some apps use a lot of data even when the phone is not in use, so you may need to delete old apps that you no longer use on your phone.

4. Whether or not your accounts are backing up data
Be careful.
Most applications and services are involved in the process of copying data from one to another, even if we do not use it from the beginning.

5. Avoid Online Ads
It is important to note that online advertising can consume a lot of your internet data.

6. Use a lightweight browser with low data usage.
Install browsers that use less data because your phone’s built-in Internet browsers tend to use a lot of data.

7. Beware of live streaming online.
Upload videos, music and high quality photos online. Direct viewing of audio files can consume a lot of mobile data, so you can watch low-quality videos directly without compromising the quality of the phone.

8. Limit the amount of data you can use inside your phone.
You can easily set the amount of data you can use on your phone, which will save you more megabytes and save you from having to pay extra for extra usage.

9. Turn off the automatic video sharing feature on Facebook.
Auto-streaming video and audio while swiping down a Facebook page can not only cause data loss, but can also cause sudden annoyances, so turning it off can reduce data usage.

10. The amount of data is specified
Use these packages.
Data packages can greatly save customers’ phone bills, and operators can offer a wide range of data packages to suit different users. These packages can save you a lot of money and reduce your costs.

All mobile operators in Myanmar are encouraged to review their smartphone settings and to adopt a standardized measure of data usage while connected to the Internet.

Phone bill cuts; Balance matters; For more information on data usage, please contact the official Facebook pages of the respective operators or websites and call centers.

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