Top 10 Car related Things to avoid

Car related Things to avoid

1. When starting the car, do not start more than 3 times in a row. Is it because of the battery? Is it due to arterstarter motor or running out of fuel? Consult a person you know. An easy way to do this is to use a good battery if the horn is loud. (Hoon must be good)

2. Do not shift gears immediately after starting the car. Wait for 10 ~ 15 seconds (10 to 15 seconds) before shifting. ✅ The reason is that you have to wait for the engine oil to rise above the engine. Next, do not step on the accelerator lever, but slowly shift and shift gears to increase gears.

3. When refueling, use an octane number that matches your car. But in Myanmar, after buying a car, you can drive non-stop. Books such as owner manual / service manual can be found online if the car is not included. ✅ Here, even if you know the corresponding octane number, you only have to enter 92 and 95 from the existing gas station. I have already written about octane. Good or bad luck with oil.

4. Engine oil change is generally every 5,000 km. If the engine type is good, it can reach 10,000 km. The key is to stay between the set level (lower limit and upper limit) and close to the upper level point. Many workshops provide all the customer-friendly engine wine cans. Too much engine oil has the same effect as less. There are bubbles in the engine oil and the pump may break.

5. The same goes for gear oil. Because it is over, I always have to pump it out. If you want to reduce the oil yourself, you can simply remove the dip stick with a small pipe and insert the pipe through the hole (siphon). ✅ It is important not to confuse ATF and CVTF. Theoretically, adding a CVT to a CVT is worse than adding the wrong CVT to the ATF. You need to study your car gearbox. Check it out here

6. If your plug is good and in good condition, you should wash it. But just as pouring all the engine oil into a bucket, it is wrong to scratch the plug with a knife when cleaning the plug. Use only a toothpaste and a toothpaste.

7. Once a week, open the car radiator cover before starting the car. (Never start after starting / driving the car) Always be full. If not, try refilling. If the engine is cold after driving, try to turn it on again. If it is slowing down, there is a leakage. Once a week is not necessary. The water bottle is the best filter. If you open the tank lid too often, the water will not be enough. Be careful.

8. Fill the tire pressure gauge as attached to the back of the driver door. If possible, buy a wheel air filter (3,000 kyats). Some shops have a lot of air pressure. This is because the air pressure gauge used in the shop is not used by the jeep. Be careful. Tires last six years in Theory. It can last up to 4 years depending on usage.
Remember that the shelf life of tires is only 6 years after purchase.

9. If you are going to travel a long distance, check the bottom and adjust the alignment.

10. Needless to say, the lights were on and the horns were good. There are others.

Here are ten tips for those who buy a car and never look at their bonnet. Let me write some mispronunciations in a row. The five-door Swift, Vitz, Fit, Ractis, Demio, Colt, and Passo are hatchbacks. The four-door Axio, Belta, Premio, Allion, and Latio are all saloon (sedan) sedans.

Station wagon (van) like AD van, Mark II Blit. If the back door is straight like the Suzuki R + at 5 doors, it is a wagon. Wish and Ipsum are MPV (Multipurpose vehicle). It is not a spoiler, it is a spoiler. It is not a fog light but a fog light. Includes rpm cup starting from Demio 2009 model. Not 2 rpm. Swift up to 1.3 and later models up to 1.2.

March, Latio, Note variants are 1.2 but not 1.3. At the start of the drive, due to the cooling of the exhaust line, the water vapor in the exhaust gas is condensed and every car emits water from the exhaust. Do not remove the thermostat. Do not disconnect the catalyst converter.

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