Children and the dangers of the Internet

Children and the dangers of the Internet

For a long time, I thought I would write a letter to teenagers about the Internet. Some parents in our country are not aware of the need for parental guidance and care when giving Internet access to teenagers.

The Internet is a computer; Because of what appears on the phone, it is often thought that it does not directly affect people. Your children may even think it is safe to use the Internet because it is safe to do so in the privacy of their own home.

If we talk about the Internet, we have children. The most used by adults is internet games and Facebook. We see children playing games in groups in Internet cafes. I did not return home after school. Teenagers playing online games without going to tuition. Every time I see a 13- or 14-year-old playing a game of gambling on the other side of the aisle, I can never see it as an improvement.

Parents who have access to a computer connected to the Internet at home are allowed to leave their child in front of their eyes (because they are at home) because they think it is safe.

What game is your child playing with? As a parent, you need to be aware of how much time your child spends playing video games each day. You can’t talk to your family and exercise until you can do nothing. Parents should also be careful not to use their face on the telephone screen.

The Internet games that your child is playing may not be appropriate for their age. Games you should not play? Who are your teammates playing with your child? Parents also need to know who they are playing with and how.

One of the biggest dangers of the Internet to teens at home is keeping them out of the way is Facebook. Facebook is used by teenagers and teenagers in our country. Many 11-year-olds have started using it. Children of this age are naturally imaginative, They are playful adults. They do not know much about anything. They do not understand.

As soon as you start creating a Facebook account, you should know more about Facebook. You need to teach your child everything you need to know. There are a lot of people who use Facebook, a social media site, in a dishonest way.

That’s why when parents open a Facebook account for their teen, they need to know their real home address. Please do not enter the correct telephone number.

Your Facebook friend as a teenager

When you receive a Facebook friend, you may want to share what you know with others. The child should be told to accept only those who already know about it. Where are you from? Tell people not to accept what you do not accept. There are many different names on Facebook. You need to be careful because there are some dishonest people who can make friends in different ways.

Another is the password number of the Facebook account you are using. Parents need to know this number. Who are you talking to? You need to know what you are talking about.

When uploading photos

Take photos and post them on Facebook. Writing down your feelings is very popular among teenagers. I have to fall in love. Don’t write about things like breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Even if you write what you want to write on your page, you should not write it. You need to teach your child not to write things that should not be written. A message you posted. One image spreads to a lot of people, so you can write and write anything. You need to teach them to think before they click anything.

When using a computer

Do not allow children to use the computer alone in their room. The computer should be in a place where the whole family can see it. When your child is connected to the Internet, is your child browsing websites that are inappropriate for his or her age? What are you reading? Parents need to be very careful about which pictures they view.

Who are your child’s friends? Parents also need to keep an eye on who they are talking to. When you do not know, your child is more likely to accept someone they do not know as a friend.

You cannot say that you will not become friends with an online hunter who deliberately targets teenagers. That’s why parents need to know every child online.

The Internet

The Internet is, in fact, a gaming console. It’s not just about using Facebook. If you know how to use it, you will benefit as much as you do. You can search the internet to find out more about what you want to know. Parents need to teach their child to use the Internet in a productive way without spending time on Facebook games.

Use the Internet with your child

As a parent, do some research on the Internet with your child. What do you want to know? You need to teach them how to find the text they want to read. Facebook Instead of spending a lot of time online games, you should try to find out what you want to know. You need to teach your child that you can read what you want to read online.

Do not connect your phone to the internet

Using a phone and internet connection is not widely available abroad. Because it is expensive. Many of us use the internet by phone because the internet usage fee is very cheap if we buy a prepaid phone card.

Phones are becoming more affordable than ever before, so some parents are even giving their children cell phones, not just teenagers. The phone is also connected to the internet. This is a very dangerous issue for you. Do not have an Internet connection on your child’s phone, even if you do use one.

If your child wants to use the Internet, it is best to send Wi-Fi from your phone at home and use it with your computer.

In an age of progress, tablets, IPad Computer We can not avoid the Internet. But we must be careful to keep our children safe and secure.

It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl these days. It’s a dangerous time for both girls and boys. Sexual violence; Unscrupulous people are using social media to deceive people into believing they have a lot of money.

That is why parents need to train their children to use the Internet safely and effectively. Please train. :

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