Drowning on land

Drowning on land

Drowning on land

Drowning means drowning in water. But it is impossible to imagine that every drowning will be in the water. There are different ways to drown . Like drowning in the middle of water, Are you surprised if you can drown while on land? I want to tell you about drowning on land.

Drowning on land

Drowning on land

In situations where there is no water, you can actually drown. There are 2 types of drowning on land. Dry Drowning or Delayed Drowning (Secondary Drowning).

In this way, drowning is caused by accidental inhalation of water. It’s somewhat different from normal drowning, and after coming into contact with water for a long time, the respiratory tract is affected and death is caused by suffocation.

Therefore, Dry Drowning and Secondary Drowning are both types of drowning, not drowning while in water. after showering after swimming After cleaning the water on the body, It is a process of drowning where there is no water after drying.

Dry drowning is drowning without water

In the year 2015 alone, about 4.5 million people in the world encountered the problem of drowning, and about 324,000 people lost their lives. Of these, 54,000 are children.

Among the main causes of children drowning, Dry Drowning is the main factor. In the United States, the number of people who accidentally die due to dry drowning is approximately 4,000 per year. Of these, more than 600 have met until they lost their lives.

Dry Drowning Drowning is like swimming . bath, Due to the heavy rain , a large amount of water entered the mouth. It happens when there is water. This is because they accidentally (after drowning) inhale the water through their noses.

Accidental inhalation of water while in or in contact with water does not reach the lungs and is blocked in the airways, causing Dry Drowning. Due to this event, over a period of time, a condition called asphyxiation can become life-threatening due to not getting enough oxygen and not breathing.

Mouth discharge, Not breathing is also a sign of Dry Drowning. Dry drowning can occur within hours of exposure to water.

Secondary Drowning

Secondary Drowning or Delayed Drowning is slightly different from Dry Drowning. He said that the water inhaled by the child reached the lungs through the open airways.

The water in the lungs obstructs the organs that deliver oxygen to the blood, and eventually the brain dies when it doesn’t get enough oxygen .

Secondary drowning occurs later and usually occurs between 1 and 72 hours after drowning.

To avoid drowning on land

What you need to be aware of is that both Dry Drowning and Secondary Drowning can happen to children as well as adults. But in adults, the probability is quite low.

Among all drownings, this type of drowning may account for only 1 to 2 percent.

The common symptoms of both drownings are difficulty breathing, cough _ Chest pain I’m getting tired and exhausted.

If you experience these symptoms, you need to go to the nearest health center for treatment.

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