Emergency care for children who accidentally swallow medicine

Emergency care for children who accidentally swallow medicine

Emergency care for children who accidentally swallow medicine

When the children are in the crib, they act as if they are being held by their mother, but when they start to move a little, they start pulling and pulling. Also put it in the mouth. So if you can’t watch the baby carefully, it’s dangerous. It is not completely safe to keep indoors. I will tell you what to do in an emergency if the child accidentally swallows the medicine .

Emergency care for children who accidentally swallow medicine

What do you swallow?

The children’s eyes have strange colors, Good taste, They are interested in those that have a sweet smell. While watching, suddenly put it in the mouth, They tend to swallow. The most common ones are

-Medicines (vitamins , strength pills , medicine for adults). Strange patterns, I like the beautiful colors. For example, fish oil is often liked because it looks like small yellow jelly cubes.

-Liquids ( paracetamol liquid , tonic liquid, cough medicine). After drinking it, the taste is sweet and short, and they like it. Medicines contain fruity scents to attract children.

-Household items (eg, scented soaps, nail polish removers). These are among the ones that children pick up and swallow.

How do you know if a child has swallowed something?

You may have personally witnessed a child swallowing. Along with the stuff he swallowed. Or the child’s face is missing, Stomach ache You can notice because of vomiting etc. What is in their mouths, You can also notice it because of the smell. Sometimes there are days without showing any symptoms.

So how?

Best of all, plan to show up at the hospital. Or call an ambulance. How long has it been swallowed? How good is the child? If the child is currently lying down, the first thing to do is to do it

-Calm down old man. If the adult is blue, the child will be afraid. Prepare to face it calmly.

-Ask the child what he swallowed. If it is in the mouth , ask him to spit it out. Or release slowly. Don’t startle the child.

-And the child swallowed what? How much did you swallow? Find out when you’ve swallowed it.

Then hug the baby and coax it.
-Getting ready to go to the hospital, Call the hospital. Take the swallowed material with you.

What should not be done

-Don’t make the child fat .

-Don’t force yourself to vomit. Eating some liquids will damage the esophagus.

-Do not drink. Including water. If you drink it, it will reach the stomach quickly and be absorbed quickly.

How to prevent this from happening again?

-Don’t lose sight of the child. If the child is quiet, go and see. When babies this age are still, they are either sleeping or doing something.

-Keep items at home that children can swallow out of their reach.

-After using the medicine bottle , close the cap tightly. It can also be placed in a child resistant container.

-If you have any pills that you no longer take, throw them away.

-Keep dangerous liquids out of reach of children.

As mothers with children, keep an eye on your child if you can. Let the child play in a safe place. If something happens by accident, don’t be afraid. Stay calm and prepare to go to the hospital.

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