How to help a drowning person?

How to help a drowning person?

How to help a drowning person?

Drowning is a condition where it is difficult to breathe in water and can cause a person to lose their life. Although drowning can be a problem at any time of the year, it is more common during times of heavy flooding such as the rainy season.

If you encounter a drowning person , it is very important to be able to rescue them and provide emergency first aid. Drowning people cannot scream for help; Even if you can ask, it only takes a few seconds.

Therefore, drowning is an emergency. It has been identified as a matter that must be resolved quickly. Young children and drunk people can drown in just a few inches of water.

If you can rescue a drowning person in time and treat him with first aid methods, you can save his life. So I want to tell you the ways to save a drowning person.

How to help a drowning person?

When a person drowns

Whoever is drowning in front of your eyes, If they see their lives in danger, they will try to help and rescue them. But how to save? It’s not enough to go into the water and try to be rescued. Therefore, you should know how to rescue a drowning person in an emergency.

If you are going to help rescue a drowning person

-Ask for help – first the Coast Guard; Red Cross emergency Contact people nearby and ask for help.

If you find it difficult to ask for help, please follow the methods below.

.Move – The first thing you should do when someone is drowning is to pull them out of the water. But be careful not to fall into a position that will endanger yourself. If possible, wear a life jacket if you are rescuing a drowning person.

.Check for Damage – Always be careful when moving a drowning person’s body. Check for neck or spine injuries and work to keep the neck and spine from bending and rotating.

.Check for breathing – If the drowning person is still breathing after being rescued, lay them flat on their back. Close your nose and mouth and listen to your breathing. If you are still breathing, you will feel the exhaled air, You can also see if the chest is low and high.

.Be aware of body position – check for breathing.
Check for a pulse – If you are not breathing, you need to check for a pulse. Test the pulse for around 10 seconds.

.Perform CPR – if the pulse is weak; Or if you don’t feel like jumping, you’ll need to perform emergency life support (CPR). Even if you do not regain consciousness, you must continue until help arrives.

.CPR Method – First place the patient on a flat floor. Place one heel of the hand in the middle of the patient’s chest and hold it with the other hand. Stretch both arms, Use the heel of the hand to apply weight and force on both hands. If you press once, you should press down about two inches on the patient’s chest and do it at a rate of 100 times per minute.

If the patient is not breathing, after the 30th compression, open the airway by raising the patient’s head slightly and lifting the chin slightly. So , if you are still not breathing , you can save your life by mouth breathing. This blowing is not mandatory. (Even if the patient isn’t breathing) Doing it without doing it is more dangerous. If you can’t do anything else, just do chest compressions 100 times a minute.

.Signs of a drowning person – Abdominal swelling when drowning; Blue sesame around the face and lips, Chest pain The skin is cold and pale; unconscious, Cough with pink mucus not breathing His body trembled, Shortness of breath Symptoms such as vomiting are common.

Can you prevent him from drowning?

Drowning is a life-threatening event. accidentally fell into the water, Drowning while playing on the shore, capsize of a boat or vessel; Cramps while swimming You can drown due to reasons such as swimming while drunk.

Therefore, it is a better way to live with care so that you don’t drown, rather than receiving care from others when you drown.

To avoid drowning

-Learn to swim.
-Don’t know how to swim. Understand that even those who can swim can drown.
-Do not drink alcohol when swimming or traveling by water.
-You can drown in any depth of water . So, children are not allowed to swim in the swimming pool. Do not -leave it in the bathtub, etc.
-Do not let children swim alone.

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