How to prevent the risk of lightning

How to prevent the risk of lightning

How to prevent the risk of lightning

Among the natural hazards of the weather, rain and lightning always go hand in hand. When the rain gets dark, there is often thunder and lightning. There are people near you who are afraid of being homeless even when they hear the sound of thunder.

In fact, the danger of lightning is something to be afraid of. There is no need to be afraid of the law, but considerate, You should follow what you have to protect and fear at your own peril. Even if life is spared from being struck by lightning, it can cause serious damage to organs and systems.

How to protect?

Everyone knows that being outside is usually the most dangerous time to be struck by lightning. To be safe, it’s best to stay indoors or in a building at this time. When lightning strikes the house , the power line, pipeline cable or telephone line; Through the antenna, etc., it will only flow into the ground. But if you don’t follow these tips, you can’t just stay indoors and be safe.

How to prevent the risk of lightning

In the House

-Do not use corded devices (eg, landline phone, TV). mobile phone Wireless communication such as Wi-Fi can be used.
-water pipes Do not stand near water pump heads. Do not use tap water. Electricity can flow through pipeline connections.
-charging, washing machine TV Do not use household appliances such as stoves.
-basement, Outside the front of the house, you can crouch at the bottom, Do not stand on floors that may be wet. Because those areas are dangerous zones where ground current may exist.

When you are outside –

-No rain, no lightning, If there is a thunderstorm, you should be careful.
-Seek shelter and stay inside during thunderstorms . But don’t hide under a single tree.
-Remember the 30-30 Rule. Count from 1 to 30 when you see the lightning. If you hear thunder before 30, you may be worried about the danger of lightning near you. Stay indoors or under a shelter, such as a safe building, for at least 30 minutes.
-If you are in the car, the door frame, iron fabric such as windows, Be careful not to touch the metal body parts. If so, you can get in the car. Even if the car is struck by lightning directly, it will flow into the ground through the steel frame construction.
-iron fence railway tracks Iron, such as iron filters I don’t lie along the paths where there are metals, Do not touch. Because the electric current can come to you from the lightning that is shot in the distance.

The risk of being struck by lightning is rare, but anywhere, anytime. It can happen suddenly at any time, so it is best to be careful and protect yourself.

When struck by lightning , depending on the location and extent, it can lead to death, or even if life is not lost, it can cause severe secondary damage.

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