How to Really Learn Programming (“Be a Social Coder”)

How to Really Learn Programming (“Be a Social Coder”)

There are young people who come to me and ask me how to learn programming. They are young people between the ages of 19 and 30. I am only 27 years old.

If you give them something to study or read outside or online, they will be happy. The first thought that comes to their mind is to isolate themselves.

When we were young, we only showed Chinese martial arts cars from Myawaddy. The prince fell into the abyss. It seems like a big habit.

I don’t want to share my knowledge with others .. If others know my skills, others will become heroes .. So I do not want to share .. When companies come, I do not want to work with a team. And subconsciously prioritizing Heroism, I don’t think about other people unless I want to show my skills that I know how to do. I do not want to teach them again.

When you study a subject, you learn faster by discussing it with each other. Not only with the teacher but also with the students. When you isolate yourself, there is no one to talk to. That’s when a big problem arose.

When I arrived at the company, I was harassed by the project manager. I did not dare to say that the code I wrote was wrong, so I accepted it as wrong.

Some of them do not reach that level. In some places, when they can not study on their own, they become weak and do not study on their own. When you deny the truth you know to others, if you ask me if it is true, I will not dare to say that I am right .. I will not study anything…

Some people become overconfident. They think that they are less harmful than others. To some extent, they are better than others. They think that I am the best. It has become anti-social that does not work with anyone.

What’s worse is the words that I can spell I often mistype. I’m not sure what to do with it. I’m not sure what to do with it. I’m not sure what to do with it. Hangout with friends .. Do not be lazy ..

The idea of “cave and practice” is a big mistake. If you have that habit, get rid of it. When studying a subject, study with others.

Go to technology events. Do not attend 80,000 meetings. Do not go to a network event by a programmer. Attend events that you think you should attend.

Do not go back to the party with a gift of bread. Social networking with other people. There will be job opportunities that connect you.

Freelancers should go even further. Start a topic discussion. Respect each other. Tell as much as you know. Listen carefully to what he has to say. Respect the seniors in front of you. Practice fearlessness. .

When you study, find people to study with. Have at least three people. Create a community with them. Always connect with that community. Learn with them.

Do not study at home. Study with the community. In addition to health problems, you will eventually become an FA. တစ်ခုခု Do some sports.

Comfort Zone means you do not want to learn anything more .. You enjoy what you know, sleep and eat .. Do what you want to do .. Do not study anymore .. Productivity = 0 .. Struggle to get there .. Do not stay at home .. Go out .. Talk to others .. Hangout with friends .. Do not be lazy. .

“Be a Social Coder”

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