How to use an old smartphone as a home security camera

How to use an old smartphone as a home security camera

After buying a new model phone, do not know what to do with the old model phone? If you do not want to resell, you may not be able to get a good price. The good news is: you can use this old phone to your advantage.

Your old smartphone is still usable. If the back camera is still good, it can be used as a security camera. Surveillance of people entering and leaving the house. Watching a baby sleep at night You can use it as many times as you need, such as watching your pet. It is very easy to make.
1. Get a security camera app first. (For Android)

There are many apps that can turn your phone into a security camera. Most of them are paid apps. It is also difficult to use. These two apps are free; It has a motion sensor that beeps when something is moving in the camera view.

The two most popular and best free security camera apps are IP Webcam and Alfred. Here’s how to do it first with Alfred. Alfred is very easy to use and All you need to do is have gmail access on your old and new phone and only one Wi-Fi network.


Install the Alfred app on both your old and new phones.

After installing on an old phone, select ‘Camera’. On a new phone, select ‘Viewer’.

Then sign in to both your Gmail and your phone. Gmail must be the same.

Now you can watch everything your old phone camera captures directly from your new phone. If you want to view it on your computer, you can do so by typing in the URL provided by the app in your browser.

You can also watch live on the Internet when you are away from home. To do this, you need to have an internet connection on your old phone. It has a motion sensor that sends a message to the mail as soon as it detects any movement on the camera screen.

2. How to use IP Webcam

IP Webcam is a camera app that monitors both Wi-Fi and Internet clound. You can watch live video wherever you are.


First, download the IP Webcam from the Google Play Store on your old phone.
Once you open the IP Webcam, settings will appear; Video output Power saving If you want to use motion and voice recognition, enable it.

Connect your surveillance phone or computer to your old phone that will be used as a security camera on the same Wi-Fi network.

Once connected to Wi-Fi, tap Start at the bottom of the old phone. The video is now live. You will be given an IP address and a port number.

If you want to watch a video recording on your old phone, you can watch it directly by typing the IP address and port number in the browser on the new phone. This method only works on Wi-Fi networks, so you can monitor your crib at home. Watching people coming and going outside the house. You will be able to do home surveillance services such as monitoring the sick.

When traveling. If you want to watch from a distance while you are at work, you will need an internet connection. Register at Once you log in, you can monitor your home remotely.

Selecting video quality in the IP Webcam app Selecting sound quality Installation of motion sensors; You can perform many functions, such as adding an alarm.

If you want to watch your old phone as a security camera all day long, you need to plug in a charger. Keep it close to the outlet. You can adjust the screen to your liking. Remove the phone cover to prevent overheating while charging. If you wait a while, a normal phone will not use anything else. No need to worry as the battery lasts for more than six hours with the camera on.

Security Camera app for iOS

If you want to use an old iPhone as a security camera, The Manything app is great.

Manything is available for free download. In the free program, you can record for free with a camera. If you want to use cloud recording, you need to pay at least $ 4 a month.

Install Manything on both phones from the App Store.

On an older iPhone, go to Settings. Turn off Auto Lock in General.

Register on Manything using your Facebook account or Gmail.

On older iPhones, select Camera mode. On newer phones, change the Viewer mode.

Then press the red button on the old phone. Live stream is now available.

The new phone will display a livestream phone. You can watch it live. If you do not have a phone, you can access on your computer.

Manything includes a two-way chat feature that lets you talk to your dog or cat on your new phone.

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