If you use your mobile phone during lightning, will you be struck?

If you use your mobile phone during lightning, will you be struck?

If you use your mobile phone during lightning, will you be struck?

There is an assumption among the people of Thailand and internationally. When the rain is heavy, Using a mobile phone during lightning strikes , If you talk on the phone, you will draw electricity and hit the person using it.

If you use your mobile phone during lightning, will you be struck?
This assumption is still believed by many people in many countries. Actually, this assumption is not correct.

For example, if a person walking in the forest was bitten by a tiger while holding a phone, it would be like saying that the tiger bit him because he was holding the phone.

If you use your mobile phone during lightning, will you be struck?

Is the lightning coming to your phone ?

In fact, lightning is a kind of electric current flowing between the clouds . The upper part of the tape mountains has negative electricity and the lower part has negative electricity. These things are created to cause lightning to fall on the ground.

On average, a single bolt of lightning releases a temperature of 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit . 5 times more than the temperature of the sun. Very fast and the sound is behind.

So scientists say that if you hear the sound of lightning, you are sure that you are not struck by lightning. If lightning strikes you, you won’t hear a sound. People around you will hear a thunderclap seconds after you hit them.

On average, 5 seconds is defined as a mile, and after seeing the lightning, you can also estimate how far away the lightning is from you, coinciding with the time you hear the thunder.

The thunderbolt he threw ran to something on the ground that attracted him. Tall trees from the top of the ring, phone towers, To tall buildings.

When lightning often strikes phone towers, people begin to sense that lightning strikes phone lines.

In fact, phone towers are things that are installed on top of tall buildings. Because there are high umbrellas in residential areas, they are often struck by lightning.

According to the official notification of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), mobile phones, Metal objects and gems that are too small cannot attract lightning strikes.

It is said that people are struck by lightning because they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. For example – open high places during lightning, under the tree It’s kind of like being on the hills.

So I want you to understand that lightning will not come to your phone. In fact, lightning only comes to other things. Most of the people who are struck by lightning are those who accidentally arrive at the place where the lightning strikes.

How do you live without being struck by lightning?

In fact, the probability of a human being struck by lightning is very low. It is not impossible. But the probability of lightning striking a person inside a safe building is extremely low.

If you are a person who is afraid of being struck by lightning or someone who has Astraphobia, which is a fear of heavy rain and lightning, you can follow the following methods.

-When it rains heavily, Staying indoors when lightning strikes
-When it rains heavily, Avoiding high places during thunderstorms ;
-When it rains heavily, Lake during lightning lake Avoid puddles ,
-When it rains heavily, Such as hiding under a tree during lightning, Avoid entering the shade of trees,
-When it rains heavily, Objects made of metal during lightning. Things to avoid.

Of course, there is very little chance of being on the phone when lightning strikes. Even if you use it, you won’t be struck by lightning. But if you are afraid of lightning and hide under trees, you need to be careful that you are more likely to be struck by lightning.

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