Legal arrests while using the Internet

Legal arrests while using the Internet

The Internet is an unlimited field. We use the internet to share movies, Sharing photos; Activities such as sharing music and accessing the latest information in a short period of time can be done without anyone’s permission.

However, some countries have restrictions on the use of the Internet. These countries impose restrictions on the use of the Internet because they fear that fraudsters will misuse the Internet.

1. Do not re-broadcast Wifi without a password while using the Internet on your own. If someone easily uses your Wifi to do something fraudulent, you can be arrested and prosecuted if you do not do it or not. Therefore, you should use a password when using Wi-Fi internet.

2. All records found on the Website must not be deleted after three months. Failure to do so will result in legal action. He was imprisoned in the United States for deleting all the files he searched in his computer browser.

3. Posts that slander someone; Messages Tweets are not allowed. Such a person Posts that are offensive to an organization; In the United States, legal action can be taken against those who post tweets and messages.

4. You can be prosecuted for making video phone calls (VOIP). This restriction is limited to Ethiopia. If you have been to Ethiopia for any reason, you should be careful about using a VOIP service like Skype.

5. If you post a video featuring satirical dances on the Internet, you will be prosecuted. The incident took place in Iran.

6. Commenting is also punishable by law. If the comment contains content that is against the law, action will be taken.

7. Translation of articles is also punishable. This is a law that happened in Thailand. An article translated from Thailand by an American citizen and posted on Facebook. He was charged with defamation for posting tweets on Twitter.

8. Playing online gambling games is also punishable by law.

9. He was also prosecuted for sharing files. If you share files on the Internet, you should be careful. You will be prosecuted if you share files that are not legally exempt.

10. Posting lyrics on Facebook is also punishable by law. This law is common in the United States.

The above information is subject to legal action against you for using the Internet. If you have been to any of these countries, please feel free to contact us.

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