The end of the supersonic passenger plane

The end of the supersonic passenger plane

Why is it that no one in history wants to travel by the fastest plane? Because of this Concorde. The Concorde was first flown in 1976. Its supersonic technology is amazing.

It is the fastest passenger aircraft in the world. It only takes three and a half hours to cross the Atlantic Ocean. It’s left as an image of his future. In 2003, the last Concorde flight was flown. The world could not guarantee the future of this journey.

The Concorde flourished after 1960. In France and England. Production costs are over two billion. Only 20 were produced in total. They were used only by two airlines.

It is twice as fast as sound. It can carry 92 to 128 passengers. However, it is often not fully available. Because a round-trip ticket from London to New York costs about $ 12,000. Sometimes there are only three passengers on board.

Depending on the speed, you can get to the exact destination you want, but the world is changing over time. For example, New York time is earlier than the time to leave London.

Technically, the Concorde is powered by four Rolls-Royce after-burner engines. This type of engine is only used in fighter jets. The front of the cockpit can be stretched and lowered to the ground.

In this way, pilots can easily see the front of the aircraft and the runway during take-off and landing. At the airport, there is a separate check-in counter for Concorde passengers.

For each trip, each passenger receives two small bottles of red Hawaiian wine; You will get two white and two champagne. The food also contains Baluga fish roe and other flavors. Passengers and crew were too small to remember each other’s names.

For pilots, piloting this aircraft feels like traveling in space. I F E does not include inflight entertainment. Instead, a digital board is displayed on the front of the aircraft, indicating the aircraft’s speed and altitude.

The fuselage is thin and has only 25 seats. There are two seats on each side of the aisle, and the windows are small. It seems to be intended only for the rich.

The main passengers were celebrities from the film industry, celebrities and politicians. This aircraft is just a luxury item. You have to pay a high price. In fact, the government provided the aircraft to the airline, and no one wanted to buy this expensive aircraft. Its operating costs are also high. It consumes 6,770 gallons per hour during flight, which is twice as much as the Boeing 747.

The passenger can carry a small amount. Unable to load goods. It takes 22 hours to test him for each flight. It costs $ 2,721 per seat. Even a 400-seat Boeing costs just $ 536.

In France, he was not allowed to fly over land. In the UK, it is profitable, but there are protests from environmentalists. The real problem is the plane.

In July 2000, a tragedy struck. Air France Flight 4590 crashed on the way up from Paris. A flat tire burst into flames, hitting the plane’s fuel tank, killing all 109 people on board. Concorde’s reputation has also tarnished.

After 9/11, aircraft like the Concorde and the aviation industry struggled to regain the trust of passengers, while maintenance costs skyrocketed. Keeping it up has become a challenge.

2003 On November 26, the classic plane took off quietly. From London Heathrow Airport to Bristol. Thousands of spectators waved their hands.

These huge planes have become part of a museum and are quietly resting on the ground.

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