The secrets of Facebook that are catching people’s attention

The secrets of Facebook that are catching people’s attention

Today, with the advent of technology, almost everyone is familiar with the Internet. Connecting to the Internet, especially with small devices such as smartphones, has become a turning point in technology.

With the rise of the Internet, social media sites have become a worldwide success. Facebook is one of the most successful social networks. The impact of Facebook has been so widespread that overuse of Facebook has become a side effect of technology. So researchers are examining why people are so attached to a fake social networking service.

Researchers at Cornell University gathered more than 5,000 enthusiastic participants for the experiment. The researchers surveyed respondents who asked regular Facebook users to disconnect from Facebook. Participants in the Cornell University Research Program have been barred from logging in to Facebook for 99 days. In the meantime, every 33 days, experts surveyed their Facebook cravings.

“The cycle of social media addiction is the inability to stop using social media and re-use it,” he said.
We’ll have to call, “said lead researcher Eric Bauer. With the help of, a data collection website, researchers have examined the psychological resilience of individuals to permanently disconnect from social media. Most of them are using Facebook again.

Researchers led by Borma have identified four main reasons why it is difficult to break free from social media. Twitter, including Facebook; Major social media sites, such as Instagram, have also taken successful strategic steps based on these factors
Experts say it is being developed.

1. Addiction

The most basic thing is to be obsessed with using social media.

“During the first 10 days of testing, the first time I opened an Internet browser, my finger automatically landed on the ‘F’ on the keyboard. In fact, once you have access to the Internet, turn on Facebook
“It simply came to our notice then.

In other words, social networks have become so ingrained in the internet experience that it has become so ingrained in people’s minds.

2. Curiosity

Curiosity about other people’s privacy is also one of the reasons for Facebook’s success.
What do regular Facebook users think about other people? He says he is often curious about what he is doing. The concept of social networking is about personal life; It is based on the fact that you have to connect with others. And the fact that people want to know how you feel about yourself is one of the reasons why Facebook is so popular.

3. Changes in mood

Someone is happy. Sad I’m upset. Depending on the mood of the lazy person
It is said that there are changes in the use of Facebook. Cornell University
According to the study, the emotional state of each person that drives Facebook
It is found that they are different. Some use Facebook more when they are upset and some when they are happy. Some responded that if they were bored, they would turn to Facebook.

4. Other social networks

The latest finding is bizarre. If you switch to other social networking sites, you will be less likely to return to Facebook. In other words, Facebook users are more likely to be hacked by other social networks. Facebook seems to be aware of this. That’s why they are constantly updating their audience and keeping their audience engaged.

According to a Cornell University research program, Facebook was disconnected for 99 days, but most responded with regular use of the social network. Later, however, I was able to document a significant change in the way we use it.

For example, you may no longer accept people you do not really know as friends in the real world. You can reduce the amount of time you spend wasting time wandering around on Facebook. In other words, the shift from an irrational obsession with Facebook to a more practical one.

“Our experiment demonstrates how difficult it can be to manage the use of social networking sites in our daily lives.” Weaknesses in social media due to addiction to social networks; Personal information may be leaked.

But there are also a number of important social support options on Facebook. The important thing is to re-evaluate individual Facebook usage.

“You need to be able to choose a group that you can really interact with.”

“Our survey report looks at how people will use Facebook,” he said. “I think it will help you to make the right decision when deciding whether to use it or not.”

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