The “Wish Smart Health Watch” which can wear for COVID-19 protection

The “Wish Smart Health Watch” which can wear for COVID-19 protection

The “Wish Smart Health Watch” includes a specialized test called TCM (Tongue Coating Measuring), which can cause Covid-19 symptoms worldwide.

The “Wish Smart Health Watch” is designed to help prevent the recent global end of the Covid-19 epidemic, as well as health-conscious geofence systems. It will be able to track and identify sick people.

The Wish Wish Health Watch is imported from Indonesia and is a watch that will take care of your health just by wearing it. “Wish Smart Health Watch” was launched in Myanmar on February 14th (Valentine’s Day).

The “Wish Smart Health Watch” has been proudly introduced to support the health of the people of Myanmar, featuring a unique online telemedicine system. The “Wish Smart Health Watch” watch is connected to the local myDoctor team, giving you the opportunity to receive a telemedicine for up to six months just by purchasing the watch.

We can see the health information of the wearer of this watch in real time. Based on this information, we will be able to provide the necessary health care through telemedicine, ”said Dr. Zaw Htet Aung, Business Development Manager of myDoctor. Teleconsultation with myDoctor is a feature that allows you to discuss your personal health with your doctor in person, so you can get great advice on video calls and phone calls.

For those who do not want to go out in the current situation, this is the best time to use this watch. It includes an AI system called artificial intelligence technology, which allows you to accurately and accurately measure the health measurements needed for daily health. You can watch it live in real time, ”said WADDY IMMERSIVE General Manager Ms. Linawati said.

If you are wearing a Smart Health Watch, you will need to check your body temperature. Blood pressure Oxygen Blood sugar Fat Heart rate The general manager will be able to calculate the initial medical examination, such as stress, and give you a direct indication of your health needs. Lina wati explains. The watch can also automatically send medical records to your phone, which allows you to quickly and easily inform your doctor every time you go to the clinic or hospital.

The health guidance alerts shown by this watch are based on 90% accurate health research surveys and are available in seven languages, including Burmese. Linawati added. You can consult your family doctor about telemedicine changes in your health information sent by Smart Health Watch.

Telemedicine can be used to consult for up to 40% of all other common non-communicable diseases.

Health, Music Control, Camera (Hand Shake Snap), Message Alert, Call Alert, Notification App Alert Features. The Wish Smart Watch has a 240 mAh battery that can be used for up to 7 consecutive days on a single full charge. Water Proof Level (IP67) and waterproof so it will be stylish in the rain. The body of the Smart Watch is made of Zine Alloy Frame. There is no need to worry about being rude. The Bluetooth version is based on BLE 5.0. The mobile OS is compatible with Android 5 Above, and for iOS users, it is compatible with iOS 10 Above.

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