Things a child with a cell phone should know

Things a child with a cell phone should know

Most people are not aware of the useful secrets of a mobile phone. Most people who hold a phone use a camera, music, Bluetooth, FM, radio. Alarms and games are often used, so here are a few more useful and useful ones.

Mobile phones can still dial 122 even if the keypad is locked for emergency web browsing. This number is a global international emergency number. If you are in the mobile area of a mobile phone, dial this number and the phone will automatically search for the nearest telecommunications network. This number can be dialed even if the buttons on the mobile phone are turned off.

If you run out of battery power while using your mobile phone in case of emergency, dial * 3370 # and you will see that the emergency power left on your phone will be re-energized. The next time you recharge your mobile phone, it will automatically recharge for both normal and emergency use. This is a useful feature for most people.

(3) If you have a car key left, you may find it convenient to have a mobile phone in your car if you have a remote key left in the car. You need to keep your phone near the car. This is a way to make yourself comfortable without getting tired.

(4) If your mobile phone is stolen, your mobile phone may be lost or stolen. If the card is lost or stolen and cannot be retrieved, you can destroy it. First, dial * # 06 # to find out the phone number. Then 15 numbers will appear.
These numbers are the unique numbers of your phone. You need to know these numbers first.

On the day you lose your phone, you can call Myanmar Post and Telecommunications (MPT) and ask them to turn off the phone.

If the thief complains before the SIM card is issued, you can disable both the SIM card and the phone, thus protecting the list of phone numbers in your phone.

Nokia Nokia Phone Codes The codes of mobile phones are not the same. However, here are the codes for Nokia users. If you want to see the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) as a code, you can dial * # 06 #.

For a clearer view of the LCD display, dial * # 67705646 #. You can dial * # 0000 # to see the software version of your handset. You can dial * # 2820 # to see the location of Bluetooth devices, dial * # 92702689 # to find out the serial number of the phone when it was manufactured and when the phone was last manufactured and when it was last modified.

If you want to delete the saved phone numbers, you can dial * # 3925538 #. For Series 60 phones, you can reset your phone by dialing * # 737092 5538 #. However, when the phone reboots, enter defultcode 12345 and the phone will restart

How to handle a mobile phone ………….

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