Things to know about IT Field

Things to know about IT Field

Roughly referred to as IT, it is a vast ocean. Here are career paths you can choose from in this vast sea.

Computer Engineering

It can be roughly considered as the invention of computer hardware. How does the CPU work? How does the monitor work?

It includes the art of building each piece of hardware. Where can I get that pillow? It also includes software development. The CPU is done. How does that CPU work? Not only the hardware but also the software comes with how to respond to the electronic signal.

So computer engineering is the subject of the most basic computer software and hardware.

Computer System Engineer (System Engineer)

Computer engineers have developed computers one by one. There is also the step of creating a system that works with these computers. For example, you can connect a computer to a satellite. What kind of hardware should be available to connect computers? There should be software. A computer system engineer is a person who develops the necessary hardware and software. The reason for putting computers first is that there are other disciplines in system engineering.

Network Engineer

The inventor of the computer invented it. Software to connect to each other; Hardware has also been invented. However, the network engineer has to work to connect these devices to each other. Network Engineer. This is also very broad. Send emails all over the world. Pictures Network Engineers are the ones who make the news flow. There is more than just a computer, there is also a telephone network engineer. They are related to each other.

System Administrator

There is also a computer. The hook is hooked. Once the information has flowed, the next thing you need is administration. You must always monitor the flow of this information. How to provide security and so on. As an admin, he needs to be present to run the business. In this subject and Networking subject, Kyun Kaing Mhi; It reaches Kaing Kyun. It is easy for the network recipient to go to the admin section and the admin administrator to go to the networking section. System Engineer can also easily cross these two lines. You have to give time.

Computer Programmer

Programmer or Developer or coder or whatever. There are many programmers in Myanmar. Website Programmer? Software programmer? There are many different types of coding in the hardware, such as programming code. Currently, most of the people in Myanmar are Web Programmers. The next big thing is software programmers. I’m glad that more and more young people are developing their own mobile apps. No matter how innovative computers are, No matter how connected you are, the programmer has to do all the manipulation of the data. Let me give you the simplest example. An interpreter. I am Burmese. I do not know what they say when I meet people from all over the world in one place. In the meantime, an interpreter will translate. He translated as many languages as he could, depending on the number of languages. If the speaker is sad, he may want to translate it with a sad expression. It looks like this. When you open a website on your computer, what language will it appear on? Where to read news What you look for is easy to find where. And so on. Most recently, Facebook founder Mark Sukabat was a PHP programmer. He was just trying to make Facebook great. Even for programmers, Java or PHP? The line between C ++ and right is quite different. I’ll tell you the details later.

Web Designer

This has little to do with programmer. Programmers create one thing at a time, but You need to have a template designed to display it. Let me show you in what color. What is your point of view? What should be where? And so on. There are many types of web designers who have become millionaires. We sell templates. It takes a six-month course to become a web designer, but three years is not enough to become a professional. It’s just like any other computer course, it’s a deeper subject. Ask a Web Designer Now! How hard did you try? Leave it I will explain in detail later.


This is the head. The job of a webmaster is to learn how to program a website. You also need to know the system. You also need to know the server. You also need a network. I have taken responsibility. On a site like Google, a webmaster has a high percentage of layoffs after downloading a site for 5 minutes. The share lost in five minutes is more than the entire company’s salary. So Webmaster is also a subject that goes into computer based Web. Most of them are programmers. The name is Web, so it is easy for those who have a lot of application layer to go to the Webmaster section.

Computer Security / Hacker

This is a subject that many are interested in. They are envious when hackers are busy in movies and stories. It is also a mystery. You can not just know programming. You also need to know networking. You also need to know about physical hardware. In addition to how all seven OSI layers work, I want to protect myself. What you want to penetrate We all know about machines. NASA has bred hackers. Engineers almost know how a rocket works. The FBI has hacked it. We also know about the construction of defense equipment. I also teach politics. In other words, so-called system security hackers; To be a system security guard, you need to know all of his skills and skills.

With the advent of computers in IT Business, the subject of how to do business based on that computer has appeared. It’s not easy either. IT business people can not get outside the court. IT knowledge is very wide. Even if you do not know all the details, how do all the computer related technology work? We have to know how the experts work. And the global IT economy. Should this product be produced taking into account the political situation? Should this factory be built? Geeks can’t easily decide whether to start an e-commerce business or not. An IT Business savvy person plots this. You can plan and make sure. He too has his branches. It is a subject that must be studied for at least 3 years. Even those who have worked for six years can not get a thumbs up in the IT business world. If it is more than that, it will be more. If it is less, it will be less.

I can not speak harshly. Other computer programming skills have become popular since 2000. I did not notice. People who can play computer animation well are working as professionals in Hollywood. He has to play in the application. If you can become famous in 3D, you can even become a businessman. There is more. Auto CAD, Graphic Designer, ACCA Computer Accountant and so on. Of course, if all else fails, get ideas from others. In a nutshell, computer science is a sea of endless drinks.

It does not even have a connection. Mechanical Engineer Electrical Engineer Mechanical engineers built ships, Cars Planes; Create other devices. These machines will be unmanned and equipped with sophisticated weapons. What will I do? All are in contact with the computer. So they re-learned computers. Computer scientists also have to re-learn these skills. Similarly, computers are used in medicine. For this, there are computer-related studies by medical professionals. This is where perfect laboratories come into play.

That is to say, it will never run out. As you continue to write, computer-related subjects will continue to grow one by one. What I want to say is that whatever you pursue, do your best. Recalculate what you can do over time. Do not confuse the line. I want that to happen too. I want this to happen too. If there are too many poems, nothing will happen. Can a single reader do all of the above? Steve Jobs Even Bill Gates can’t. Three If you do four things you do not want to stop, but more than that. I will go to Networking. We will continue to study programming. IT business will bring experience.

System security will also be copied. That’s still happening. Because everything is connected. So if you want to join a line, I want you to join the nearest line. I want to order again so as not to forget. Team Work. : A network engineer cannot develop a country alone. You can’t just be a programmer. Everything has its place. It is perfect. If you can’t do it, take someone who can do it with you and teach them the skills you know.

Be sure to discipline your younger siblings. If a country can create an IT network by playing its part, why should the country not develop? As far as I know, he has his place and his knowledge. I want everyone to be united. Drawing a bull It’s good to be alone. There are also sharp ones. I went abroad. Some work abroad. There is no one to give up the land. No one provides capital. And so on. Do not be discouraged. The country is still open. All try to do what you can.

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