Upcoming Technology Clothing and Accessories

Upcoming Technology Clothing and Accessories

Like any other art form, technology has long been associated with fashion.

To change from the old to the new, we need innovative things and gradually change the fashion. Today’s focus is on becoming the modern technological dress for tomorrow.

Fashion and protection: armor and journalism

Like a firefighter who had to break through a burning wall gate, we could only be protected by a dangerous and safe suit. Cyclists also had to carry airbags, created by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin.

Designers Ashwin and Kevin Cannon created a glove design called the Frontline Gloves to protect against large objects.

The glove, in particular, allows firefighters to communicate with each other using sign language.

Recycling in Fashion

It needs to be able to maintain the rigidity of any good waste material and reuse it to produce more fiber.

For example, a group of workers in Hammerry built bicycles with waste materials to motivate cyclists to ride.

New Zealand’s Emma Whiteside’s home-based business ventures refine copper and make sculptures.

Kinetic Energy in Fashion

When you walk, dance or run, it converts electricity.

Developed by the creators to get energy from movement while wearing clothes, you can see your energy consumption while using it, and it can also be used as an MP3 phone.

Soledad Martin, a factory designer, initially experimented with power generation from nature, and added a kinetic energy to the shoes in his shoes, which were designed to charge your phone while you were walking or running.

Solar Power Fashion

Sun-exposed surfaces change the way energy is stored in the human body, which is not much different from the clothes worn on the human body, which will make it more comfortable for most designers to create their own fashion.

Mae Yokoyama, a design student, created a necklace with a solar system designed without the green elements.

Environmentally Responsive Fashion

Our fashion is designed to be artistic and informative so that we can be fully energized throughout the environment. For example, we can measure air pollution and weather conditions and include LED lights.

3D Printed Fashion

Although 3D printing technology has not yet improved, this method will be used worldwide.

It brings to life an ancient health technology that uses tunnel-shaped, side-by-side combinations.

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