Thing you should do after buying a new laptop computer

Thing you should do after buying a new laptop computer

When you buy a new laptop, you usually pick it up at the store and give it all the software and initial setup you need, and then use it all at once. This article will show you what you can do to fix it and make sure you do not make any mistakes later in life.

(1) Reinstall Windows if you can

Most laptops currently on sale come with cracked Windows and a few other pieces of software. However, since it comes with a lower version of Windows 10, it is possible to purchase the latest Windows CD and re-install Windows to prevent future Windows Update downloads automatically in the background when connected to the Internet and to use new features. Even better, you can re-partition your hard disk partition to your liking as Windows restarts.

(2) If you need to connect to the Internet later, do Windows Update first or turn it off

This will vary from person to person, and if you are running Windows with frequent feature updates like Windows 10 and you want to try new features yourself, the best time to do so is immediately after purchasing a computer. Data will not be lost, but other data and software have not been installed, so the update will be faster.

If you are not interested in updating, Or if you have internet problems, it is best to turn off Windows Update. The shop can ask a technician for help, or if you right-click This PC (My Computer) and search for Windows Update in Manage – Service & Applications – Services and disable it, the update will not work automatically.

(3) Install Browser, Media Player, and other required software

This is the part where you can ask the shop you bought for help. We encourage you to manually download and install the latest version of small software, such as browsers and media players. It would be nice to have MS Office, Photoshop, and other great software installed in the store.

(4) Update Windows Defender or other Anti Virus at once

Virus infection is one of the worst problems on a computer. Like Windows Defender, Anti Virus is included with Windows 8, but for it to work properly, Virus & Spy Definitions need to be up to date. Some laptop brands offer licensed anti-virus software such as McAfee and Norton, and if so, you should install and update it immediately.

(5) Update drivers

This is not a definite requirement, but updating the graphics driver on some laptops with a separate graphics card will make it easier to keep the graphics driver up to date while playing the game.

The rest is to change the desktop wallpaper, Windows theme, Once you’ve pinned your favorite software in the Taskbar or Start Menu, you can now customize your laptop.

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