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How To Create Deal Pages For Your WordPress Blog.

Deals pages are a great way for bloggers to earn more revenue from their WordPress blog. In this article today, I will explain how to create deals pages for your blog and earn more money.

Every blogger always looks a way to earn more revenue from his blog. DEals pages are a great way to mention relevant deals related to your niche for your readers and earn extra income.

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What you need for your deal page:

Page builder tool like Thrive Architect
Product review
Deals time and deadline (if any)

The first point you should remember is to create deals pages and not deal blog post.

Create some detailed feature and information about the product. Write why your readers should get these deals. A product review option will be sweet.

You can create two buttons, one which has a product review and another one which goes to product link.

Do not forget to mention the start and end time of the deal along with a countdown timer.

The next part is an index, make sure you have it for your reader to easily navigate for the deals.

Also, product conclusion is important. A user should be able to understand why they should use this page to buy the deal.