Planning to buy solar for home ?

Planning to buy solar for home ?

A solar system costs more than buying a generator at the same wattage, but in the long run, solar is much more cost-effective. What you need to know about a solar system is that there are three types of solar panels in the current solar panel. Mono is made from refined silicon.

It can be easily separated into poly blue box and mono black and navy blue. The color of poly solar panels is uneven. Mono is further subdivided into halfcell You should also know about bypass diodes inside. These diodes are mounted so that they can emit more light in the shade than to allow the sun to work.

If you are not sure which brand to buy, try a solar tester and it is best to buy a solar cable with less than one watt. They must be used for at least a decade, so you should definitely buy them. They do not fit with ordinary wires. Solar cables are designed for maximum efficiency and weather resistance. Only 99% copper wire is coated above.

It focuses on when to charge the battery, how much to charge and when to stop. It does not increase the power from the PV. Mppt increases the power of the pv. It can maximize the power even in the rain. On grid is a combination of uninterruptible power supply (uninterruptible power supply) with both electric and solar power. No battery for backup. Solar output is sent back to the main grid (excess power is resold to the government).

Hybird is a combination of the above two, but here the power cannot be sent back to the main grid in the event of a power outage. Nomalplate batteries are not used in the solarsystem.

If you use K toyo or solar, one year is the best. If you use solar, you should start from at least tubeller tall, then gel type deepcycle, Lifepo4 is most suitable for solar, high charge rate and high peak power compared to ordinary leadacid 200A

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