Good personal hygiene habits are important for health

Good personal hygiene habits are important for health

Good personal hygiene habits are important for health

Personal hygiene is a health habit that must be cultivated because it helps to maintain health and prevent diseases. Personal hygiene is a habit that should be cultivated from childhood .

But when you get older, you tend to neglect your personal hygiene habits because you have more priorities . This careless action can affect health in the long run. So, let’s learn together what are the good personal habits that you should do every day to stay healthy.

Good personal hygiene habits are important for health

Is personal hygiene important?

Personal hygiene is a health habit that everyone should cultivate. Personal hygiene keeps the body healthy and prevents the spread of infections. The World Health Organization (WHO) said.

Personal hygiene, which is sometimes overlooked, plays an important role in daily life. For example , what is said to be the best way to prevent Covid-19 is hand washing, which is part of personal hygiene , right?

What does personal hygiene help with?

Taking care of personal hygiene

-Eliminates bad breath
-Increases self-confidence
-Clear and refreshing
-Good immunity
-Illness free
-Prevents diarrhea, which is a digestive system problem
-cold Get rid of sickness .

Good personal hygiene habits that must be followed to stay healthy.
If you want to spend every day disease-free, healthy and happy, you should do these little things.

Body cleaning

Since there are nearly 2 million sweat glands in the body , body cleanliness is a must-have personal hygiene habit. When bacteria come into contact with sweat, it causes body odor and clogs the pores with dead cells . Oil and dirt blockages cause skin problems.

Therefore, in order to clean the body’s sweat glands and not be harmed by bacteria, you must take a regular bath using soap and water every day. Even if you don’t want to shower twice, shower regularly once a day. This is bacteria, The most effective prevention of diseases and odors.

Hair cleaning

For hair health, you need to take care of hair hygiene. Regular shampoo 2 times a week. Shampooing removes oils from the hair and scalp . Removes dirt clinging.

It cleanses the scalp and optimally strengthens it to absorb nutrients . Strengthens blood flow to the scalp.

Oral hygiene

The mouth is full of bacteria, and it’s not a favorite place for bacteria to grow. If oral hygiene is weak, it can prevent diseases transmitted from the respiratory tract most effectively.

Therefore, brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day to keep your teeth and mouth clean and disease-free, which is important for nutrition . Instead, after each meal, do it.

Hand hygiene

The reason many people get sick is poor personal hygiene. Fingers are the most susceptible to infection in the body. Fingers touch everywhere, and most bacteria can stick to them.

So you need to clean your hands thoroughly. This can best help to improve immunity. So every time I come back, before eating Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds after touching dirty things .

Cultivate these as daily habits and create healthy and happy days for yourself.

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