12 Things You Should Cut From Your Facebook For Personal Security

12 Things You Should Cut From Your Facebook For Personal Security

Is your Facebook secure? Today, Facebook has become one of the most powerful social media platforms in the world. People share their daily activities on Facebook, but there are some things you should not post on Facebook for your own safety.

(1) Date of birth
Your friends will be asking for annual birthday wishes by mentioning your birthday, but if you find out your date of birth with your name and address, your birthday and other important matters should be kept secret as a mystery.

(2) Phone number
Phone numbers should not be displayed as you may receive incoming calls from strangers or strangers.

(3) Credit card details
Your name, number, password should not be displayed on your credit card, and your bank card, credit card, and account details should be kept confidential on Facebook.

(4) Your Relationship Status
It is true that you want to tell your friends about your new boyfriend, but it is not good to post RS Status if you are constantly breaking new ground.

(5) Unknown friends outside
Rosie Dunbar, a professor of psychiatry, said in a survey of more than 3,000 Facebook users that more than half of the list of friends were not really close friends.

(6) Photos of your baby
These days, everything is posted on Facebook, but as your child gets older, you may want to consider whether he or she enjoys posting pictures of his or her toddler.

(7) Your child’s school address
Be extra careful: Disclosing your child’s preschool or school address may give an opportunity to strangers who are watching you to cause trouble.

(8) About your boss
It doesn’t matter if you’re registered with him or her when he or she is comfortable with you, but when you’re frustrated with him or her and you complain about his or her work, it’s disrespectful of his or her privacy.

(9) Check in
These days, people use their iPhones and android phones to check in to their destination, with over 500 million people doing just that.

(10) Tag your home address and work address
It is very dangerous to reveal your exact home address to the public.

(11) About your vacation
Counting how many days you need to travel can help you anticipate when you will not be home for someone who is stalking you.

(12) Your Passport Books
Your passport number, Boarding Pass, should not be used for barcodes, as it invites unnecessary problems.

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