Memories of Vivo Passing

Memories of Vivo Passing

Vivo Smartphone was established in 2009. Other steps were taken shortly after its inception. In July 2010, it partnered with MTV, the world’s largest music broadcaster. Vivo became more and more noticeable. The result is more enjoyable.


In 2012, the Vivo X1 was introduced. The product, which has penetrated the domestic market, has reached the expected level of success. Since then, Vivo’s mission has been to provide consumers with crystal clear sound quality. The phone also strives to be a stylish design.

A year later, in 2013, the 4G-enabled Vivo Xplay and X3 were officially introduced to consumers. These products support not only clear sound quality but also image quality. With Vivo’s innovative technology, we can bring our customers to a more satisfying life.

As the world continues to change, Vivo continues to innovate and innovate. To meet the needs of consumers, not only sound quality but also quality. Vivo Xshot, X5Max and X5s officially introduced to consumers with enhanced video recording capabilities. High quality image capture was completely satisfied by all the users.

In May 2014, Vivo partnered with National Geographic (China). Vivo’s steps for May did not stop there. Efforts were made to expand the market to Southeast Asia and beyond.

The trend of smartphones has also changed with the changing years. Consumers are demanding more than just performance. That’s why Vivo has introduced the Vivo X5Pro, X6, X6Plus to consumers with its unique sound quality and slim smartphone body.

In October, it became the Title Sponsor of the Indian Premier League to accelerate market expansion into Southeast Asia and beyond. The Vivo brand has become an internationally recognized brand as the Indian Premier League is an influential league in many rich countries, including Britain.

In an increasingly sophisticated smartphone culture, Vivo’s technology and quality are on the rise. Vivo has released the Vivo Xplay5, V3, V3Max, X7, X7Plus, X9, X9Plus and Xplay 6 in succession. Vivo has also introduced the V5, which features a complete 20 MP Softlight Camera for those times when selfie culture is exploding.

In April of that year, Vivo ranked fifth in the world. Vivo is proud to be the world’s No. 5 smartphone maker, according to a first-hand sales report from IDC.

In May, the world’s No. 5 smartphone maker merged with Marvel. The collaboration saw Vivo launch the Xplay5 Captain America Edition. This production is like pouring sugar on candy.

Vivo was a smartphone that pioneered great sound quality and strived to give consumers more access to great music. In June, it partnered with QQ Music, one of China’s leading online music streaming platforms. Consumers were able to enjoy more of Vivo’s unique sound quality.

In October 2016, Vivo and the Chinese Basketball Federation formed a strategic partnership. As a result of the merger, Stephen Curry, a well-known figure in the NBA, became the brand representative (ambassador) of the Vivo flagship Xplay6.

In November, it took another step towards expanding the Vivo market. The move sponsors the AFF Cup, the largest football tournament in Southeast Asia, held in Indonesia. As a result, it is true that Vivo has further expanded its influence in Southeast Asian sports.

Vivo’s 2017 product was even more amazing than last year. The newly released V5plus offers complete satisfaction for those who want to take selfies. The 20MP front-facing camera uses two lenses, so you can enjoy capturing images like a ghost.

In January, Vivo expanded its R&D center to include two more R&D centers not only in China but also in San Diego and Silicon Valley in the United States, as part of its investment in research and development.

According to a report by IDG in June this year, Vivo was ranked 5th in the global mobile phone market leader list for 2016-17.

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